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DOGnzb Status Update

Just a status update on what's happening with DOGnzb.
Since losing PayPal payments last month, we looked for alternate solutions, have a plan in place and expect to have something up and running by next month. We expect to resume periodic open registrations again and re-enable invitations for our current users by the end of the year.
If you guys can't wait until then. Just as a reminder, anyone can still register using bitcoins. Just follow this link to register:
You will be given the opportunity to open up an account with coinbase or use your own bitcoin wallet. Information on how to get bitcoins from alternate sources is available here
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[O] NZBDog Registration Open for Bitcoin ONLY

DOGnzb Registrations are open for Bitcoin Only You need to visit http://dognzb.cbitcoin
"So, we had trouble with our PayPal account (who hasnt?). Around the same time, we had an extended maintenance of our database that lasted for about 5 hours. Couple those two together and well, it was fun to read all the conspiracy theories here on Reddit about DOGnzb shutting down.
So, we made some changes and we are implementing some contingency funding plans.
One of those, is officially accepting Bitcoins. So, in order to celebrate this much-requested feature, we are doing a bitcoin-only registration promotion.
Follow this link dognzb.cbitcoin and you guys should be able to register for an account just as before with only one exception: the $10 one-time membership donation has to be done upfront during the registration procedure.
If you don't have a Bitcoin wallet, you will be given the opportunity to open one up with coinbase and fund it. It might take a couple of days to do so, but you can come back to the site and complete payment at any time. After payment is received account validation should take a couple of minutes and is done automatically.
If you're not comfortable paying upfront or don't want to use Bitcoin, we will have limited registrations periods in the future, with the same 10-day trial period and the ability to use your Credit Card to donate for membership.
Of course, if you're already a DOGnzb user and want to donate using Bitcoins, you also have that ability."
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